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Mar 14, 2013 8:00am PDT
-term spending that we need to deal with. but he's going to hold hostage the fact that he wants to raise taxes on the american people. >> again, if the president wants to let our unwillingness to raise taxes get in the way, then we're not going to be able to set differences aside and focus on what we agree on. >> so with -- obama himself down played the outreach during remarks last night to his policy armoring for ak action. >> the press in washington has been reporting about obama's charm offensive. all i've been doing is calling up folks and trying to see if we can breakthrough some of the gobbledygook of our politics here. >> joining me this morning is tennessee republican congresswoman diane black who is scheduled to speak tomorrow at cpac and she attended yesterday's meeting president obama. it's great to have you here. i want to start out talking about speaker boehner. he has an op-ed out today in the "washington post" saying that for all of washington's focus on the president's outreach to republicans, its his engagement to members of his own party determines if we succeed. this was sai
Mar 19, 2013 8:00am PDT
the president wanted. >> well, he got his revenue. he has gotten his revenue. obama care has 21 new taxes. my goodness. i'd like to get rid of obama care in total and rid of those taxes. you've got to look at some of these other components of the problem. and you cannot tax your way out of this. i quite frankly liked the op-ed in "the wall street journal" today that showed our budget with the stablization pulling back on all of those spending components and putting ourselves in a position of growth would give us household income growth of $1500 in 2014 and $4,000 per household within this ten-year window. and what we're saying is, you've got to get this under control. now, the president wants to continue to spend and put new spending in place by getting new revenues. that's not workable. the american people don't want that. they want to see some spending restraints, some control, some common sense brought to bear in this budget process. >> congresswoman, i want to get you on the record about senator rand paul coming out in support of comprehensive immigration reform. right now it looks like r
Mar 15, 2013 8:00am PDT
what the fundamental differences are. both parties have come out strongly in favor of examining the tax code for loopholes, deductions, exclusions, and ways that money sort of leaks out of the tax system. both parties have said they want to do that, but the real difference is that what do they want to do with the money? the house budget would take the money generated and provide another tax cut would go i believe disproportionately to the wealthy, and the budget that we passed out of the committee yesterday would take that money and apply it to deficit reduction. i think that is as an independent as somebody who has looked at the issue as to me this is a reasonable way to do it, particularly when you look back to 2011 when we started this deficit reduction process, and if you add what has been done since 2011 in the way of cuts and revenues and to the budget that was passed yesterday, it comes out 65% cuts and 35% revenues. that is a reasonable balance that the american people can p support. >> all right. senator angus king, we have to leave it right there, and thank you for your time
Mar 13, 2013 8:00am PDT
is south carolina democratic congressman, james clyburn. a $1 trillion increase in tax revenue proposed by the murray plan, 4.$4.25 trillion in savin through 2023 and when democrats include tax revenues, sir, and defense cuts, aren't they basically doing the same thing, starting at a nonstarting point? >> well, thomas, first of all, thanks so much for having me. look, i think that what we've got to do is get real here and think about what the future holds for this great country of ours. i would suggest that both sides start locking ourselves into this ten-year window and that's what is giving us a real lot of pain. let's look at maybe a 20-year budget. i believe that the president did a 20-year budget the last time out. if we look at a 20-year window, most experts i talked to tell me that the big savings come in year 13, 14, and 15. so if we were to see a change in the trajectory going out to 20 years, i do believe this would give us much better definition for both sides to find some comfort levels. we're not going to get it in the ten-year period because we cannot. we democrats cannot
Mar 16, 2013 11:00am PDT
this a poll tax, the historic method of blocking african-americans from voting. he said this this mr. barber down there in north carolina, he stayed in part, "they designed a maze of frustrating visits to the government agencies with costly administrative fees that citizens who have no car and no driver's license must navigate and pay to exercise their constitution a right to vote." what would be your reaction to that? >> well, we disagree with reverend barber. i believe, first off you we have a very extensive absentee balloting vote by mail system, those who have difficulty getting to a location that may be able to provide a valid i.d. may want to use that choice where an i.d. would not be an issue to begin w reverend barber and those who are opposed to this bill are doing it i think largely on ideological bounds or grounds because the data in other state, if you take a look at the state of georgia, where they said hundreds of thousands of i.d.s would have to be issued, there have been 27,000, a state roughly the same size as north carolina. >> all right. thom tillis you speaker of the hous
Mar 20, 2013 8:00am PDT
just that, alex. being nuanced in whether he's talking about drones, tax reform -- he's always been very nuanced to make sure he has -- and people starting to realize a wider vision for his own political career and that's exactly why he didn't mention specifically pathway to citizenship. what's interesting, though, prior to that a.p. story i can share with you that the chatter was he was going to talk about pathway to citizenship. so i might -- you know, the big question is, did he back away from that after he heard the chatter and heard that individuals were not welcoming it in the extreme part of the party. let's be clear. short of a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumenteds, the republican party is still going to have a latino vote problem. what's going to happen, unless we provide a pathway to citizenship eventually, what's going to happen is every day american latinos are going to always have a question mark when they interact with every day americans when people are going to ask them, are you here as an american citizen or a legal resident? >> well, this is becoming
Mar 17, 2013 12:00pm PDT
is the right way to go. fundamental tax reform for economic growth. patient center care rhee placing obama care. a responsible balanced budget. >> meanwhile, abc this week, house speaker john boehner says although they disagree, he trusts president obama. >> the president and i, as i've made very clear, have a very good relationship. we're open with each other. we're honest with each other. but we're trying to bridge some big differences. >> so do up trust president obama? >> absolutely. >> absolutely? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. firearms, flip-flops and flights to the middle east will all be part of what next week in washington will look like. lots to talk about. i want to get right to it. msnbc contributor goldie tailor of the goldie taylor project and david of the "the washington p." good to see all of you. good story with the republicans rank, when ohio senator rob portman, want co-sponsor of doma, defense of marriage act, snu ports same-sex marriage citing his gay son. house speaker john boehner asked about his own stance this morning on abc. take a listen. >> can you imagine yourself in
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7